Florida Grief, Loss, and Difficult Emotions Retreat

Orlando, Florida
January 18-21, 2024, $1095
Limited to 10 participants
fee includes housing and meals
Some private rooms available for an additional cost

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Come to this retreat if you are experiencing:

  • Grief because of a major loss–of husband, wife, child, parent, sibling, friend, etc.
  • Pain because of divorce, separation, or the end of a relationship
  • Feeling stuck, unable to get on with your life
  • A difficult transition–job loss, retirement, relocation, etc.
  • Uncontrolled anger or other difficult feeling
  • Out-of-control anxiety or fear
  • Unrelenting guilt or shame
  • Self-loss–due to illness, loss of abilities, loss of youth, beauty, etc.
  • Caught up in your head and out of touch with your feelings
  • Loss of a dream, a vision, or a plan you had for yourself

As soon as we love, we risk the loss of that love. Grief is the natural response to that loss. But we can get trapped in never-ending grief. It can be exhausting, confusing, and all-consuming.

Underneath our grief, other feelings can be hidden…fear, anger, resentment, jealousy, etc. When we have a lot of conflicting feelings, they can be difficult to untangle. This is sometimes called "complicated grief."

We can be so out of touch with past griefs and losses that we end up stuck in our heads, out of touch with our bodies, and out of touch with our feelings.

Many of us have swallowed old losses, suppressed them in our bodies, and find ourselves numb, depressed, and not fully living. These retreats have helped hundreds of participants come alive again.

The grieving process takes time. We never fully get over big losses, especially childhood losses, but we can still learn to live a full, even joyous, life again. Of all the emotions, grief takes the most time. Sometimes, in our grieving, we just need a place to be held and loved…and the retreats can provide such a place.

On the other hand, anger can be so quick to action that it can cause emotional damage before we can stop it–we can say something or do something we later regret. Some people attend these retreats because they are angry and don't know what to do. We provide a safe place to work these feelings through so that we can move on.

Anxiety, worry, and fear affect us differently than grief or anger. Fear can be paralyzing, so we don't take action. Or it can cause us to run away and hide. Either way, it keeps us from doing what we must do.

Sometimes, our emotional pain is deeply buried, especially if the feeling wasn't accepted and honored in our family. We may feel numb, without feelings. As we learn to bring that pain into awareness, we can finally deal with it and reclaim all the lost energy and awareness stored away.

When ready, we can transform our pain into new life and love. Working through the pain of grief, fear, anger, or numbness gives us new depth and soulfulness, a new sense of the miracle and beauty of what life is.

Our Grief Loss And Difficult Emotions Retreat helps people work through their grief and accompanying feelings and get to the other side of pain.

These retreats are intensive personal growth events. If you are interested in attending, I ask for a short ~20-25-minute telephone conversation to help us determine if the retreat suits you. At the call, you can ask me any questions you may have.

At the retreat, we create a loving environment to explore and work through sadness, hurt, anger, fear, and numbness. Participants express their unexpressed feelings and heal old pain. Each participant can tell their story in a compassionate, loving setting with others also working through their pain.

The retreats are limited to 10 participants. The cost is $1095 for the Florida Grief and Loss Retreat, including housing and most meals. A few private rooms are available for an additional fee.

Registration details -A $400 deposit is required to hold a space, payable by check, Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal. The remainder is due 30 days before the retreat starts. Please contact Jon, see below, to set up a short, free telephone interview to discuss attending this retreat.

Refund policy for the Grief Loss And Difficult Emotions Retreat: If you decide not to attend, your deposit will be refunded, minus a $100 administration fee, if it is at least 30 days before the retreat date. After that, the full deposit will be forfeited.

To register for this retreat or make an appointment with Jon, or if you have questions, contact us here.
To pay the $400 deposit online now: