Comments From Retreat Participants

"I came to the retreat to learn how to cope with the sudden loss of my beautiful wife of 35 years who passed away suddenly in late August. It seemed impossible to go through life now without the love, joy, fulfillment and laughter that we shared. It was a beautiful union!

Jon, you, the group and the process helped me realize and believe that I can give love, be loved, have joy and be happy again. I could not imagine any such possibility before the weekend and before we started our journey. Exchanging stories and getting to know everyone opened up my heart and drew me closer to them. It is such an overwhelming feeling to receive and give the love and support we all need so desperately. There were tears not only for sorrow but as we went along, I think they became tears for hope and optimism.

Being back in the real world for a few days now, I can truly say that I miss the group! I still feel the intensity of the weekend which often makes me well up with emotion and makes me miss them even more. Although I still have much pain, after we all hugged and kissed goodbye on Sunday afternoon, I left with hope and a vision of better times.

Thank you again for helping me."

Ed DeJesus, Shelton, CT

"Jon, I just read your email as I was g
etting ready for bed, and of course it touched my heart. Putting into words what this experience has been for me is easy. This retreat has changed me forever. In just the three days I spent with you and of course the other very beautiful souls I have been touch with the gift of healing, what am amazing feeling it continues to be. I will cherish my life both, my past and my future, and be grateful for all that I have lived both the not so easy things that are a part of me, but also the beautiful things that are what make me, me. I love you and the others that shared this experience with me, we will always be a part of each other's lives and that makes me happy."

❤️Love Marcia Hayes, Hadley, MA

"After my life partner of 15 years passed away, I sought out a 'healing retreat' of sorts, knowing I needed 'something' to help me cope with this profound and excruciating loss and pain...I came upon Jon's website and connected with him. (True to his word, he called me back upon return from his retreat.) So I took that leap of faith and signed up for the Nov. retreat (upstate NY) and I'm glad I did. Upon arrival, everyone was so warm and welcoming; very friendly. It is a rustic, country setting and everyone helps out in various ways... and within 24 hours, it was indeed a 'community' where you feel very connected to others. 

With his natural ease and calming nature, Jon helped me with my grief and what evolved was a slight shift in the pain that remains with me. Although I still mourn and grieve, there is a different level of acceptance that I achieved. Jon's keen instincts, candor, unconventional exercises and smile engaged me to 'trust the process' within the backdrop of 'the community - very powerful and supportive. While hard to describe, suffice it to say it is a weekend well spent with much positive upside!"

Molly Levi, Brooklyn, NY

"I feel more grounded than I ever have in how clearly I see the situation now which gives me some peace and HOPE.
Thanks again Jon for everything, I had been meditating, praying, reading for months trying to ground myself and get my empowerment
back, but I just couldn't do it on my own. I appreciate your help!"

Sarah McIlerney, Philadelphia, PA

"I was so unsure as to what to expect. But I am on a search for answers, and direction. I didn't know for sure what my work would involve.
I appreciate the respect and space and attention you gave me through that process. Thank you for the work that you do, and for the grace that you handle life and people with.

I came home with new friendships, and a new beginning and a new focus.

On Sunday, at the end of the retreat, I experienced what communion is truly all about for the first time.

Very Sincerely,"  

Melinda Ash, Center, Texas

"Having tried individual and group therapy for the recent loss of my family members, it became clear to me that I was stuck. I didn't realize how my grief had transferred into depression until I participated in the grief retreat at Star Dance. I'm finally moving forward after months of paralysis. I feel lighter and happier than I have in months."

-Joy Benson, Dallas, Texas

“What an amazing journey! For the first time in my life I have learned to truly love. This is the best investment I have ever made for myself. I was able to heal wounds I’ve carried for 58 years. I have room inside to finally live and to want to live a full life. Thank you.”

James Boraas, Little, Oregon

"I was carrying this HUGE weight on my shoulders for about 9 years. Different events throughout my childhood and teenage years had impacted me emotionally and were affecting me. I used to see life very gray, and felt I was not living this life fully.

Thanks to this retreat, I am a new person, I feel fresh, wanting to life fully, happy. I have smiled since I left this place. I made an important connection with myself and learned to forgive myself after all these years.

I really recommend this retreat for young people and adults. Give yourself an opportunity to see the beautiful person you are inside, and connect to your inner light.

God bless this experience and people (us) that have learned to let go of the heavy baggage."

Zara, Minneapolis, MN

"I have been speechless since our gathering. So much love was shared. So many blessings received. It left me broken open! I have such a deep appreciation for this work and for you Jon. I hope that you realize that your years of service to this work are evident! I know that you expressed our souls show up to do the work but without your guiding light, the healing would never have occurred to such a degree. How absolutely correct you are when you say this is holy work.

My first retreat a year and a half ago exposed the darkness I need to work through in this life. My second retreat revealed God's love and how all encompassing it is.

I look forward to all the lessons and insights that will come to me in the perfect time. Much love and deep graditude."

Kara H, Greenfield, MA

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